Plateau Valley Senior Portraits

Alyza | Class of 2015 | DeBeque High School Senior Photographer

All hats off to this young lady who just graduated from DeBeque High School!  Alyza is such a sweetheart and I had the pleasure of photographing her twice during her final year of high school as she was one of my senior model reps.  Alyza is a country girl at heart and has always been active in HS Rodeo as well as a member of the volleyball and basketball teams.  I am so excited to see all that she accomplishes in her bright future!

Congratulations Alyza!



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Krista | Class of 2015 | Fruita Colorado Senior Photographer

Folks, meet Krista!  She is a recent high school graduate of Fruita Monument.  I've never met such a sweet young lady with such a playful sense of humor.  I had so much fun photographing Krista and helping her to step outside of her comfort zone.  We giggled and joked around throughout her entire session and let me tell you, this lady can come up with some real knee-slapping wise cracks!  Her awesome work ethic and humorous antics are sure to take her far in life!

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Congratulations, Krista!



Austin | Grand Junction Senior Photographer | Fruita Monument High School

Meet Austin, a Senior at Fruita Monument High School and a 2015 Graduate.  I had a blast taking Austin's senior portraits as he is a charming, bright and definitely handsome young man!  Curious to know why Austin chose to use a pistol as a prop for some of his images?  Well here's the story...  Austin has been competitively shooting handguns for about 5 years.  The action shooting sport he competes in is called IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association).  Austin found his passion with handguns and has climbed his way up to the master classification and recently took third place at the national championships competing against ALL ADULTS!  He has also recently picked up a sponsorship from Wilson Combat, the best custom 1911 pistol model manufacturer on the planet.  Austin is planning to attend college locally at CMU but if he happens to land a scholarship for shooting at Texas A&M, then he would love to venture south for his degree.

To learn more about the IDPA or Wilson Combat, please visit these links.

Congratulations Austin!


Kale | Grand Junction Colorado Senior Photographer

It's time for round 2 of Kale's Senior Portraits!  Kale is one of my 2015 Senior Model Reps so she was awarded two rounds of senior sessions.  You can see her previous mini session here: Kale | Palisade High Class of 2015

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Kale is a Senior at Palisade High School and she will be graduating this coming spring!  Kale is on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad at Palisade and it seems to be a big part of her life.  She has a great sense of humor and kept me laughing throughout both of her sessions especially when she ventured out into the field of lavender surrounded by thousands of bees!  Kale's favorite color is PINK and when I asked her what her dream job would be, she said either a Special Education Teacher or a Food Tester (because she likes to eat.  A LOT.)  Hmmmm.....

Congratulations Kale!  I wish you the best of luck in this journey called LIFE!




Sierra | Class of 2015 | Fruita Colorado Senior Photographer

  Sierra is a recent graduate of Fruita Monument High School with a plethora of many talents!  She was a member of the POMS team at FMHS, she loves tennis, fashion design, photography and singing!  I had the pleasure of photographing Sierra at two different sessions as she was one of my Senior model reps and we had so much fun together!  I'm so excited to watch her go out into the world and achieve greatness!

DSC07468-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07464-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07472-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07482-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07486-Edit-2_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07498-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07509-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07521-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07534-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07541-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07544-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07554_carriejohnsonphotography.comDSC07572-Edit_carriejohnsonphotography.comgrand junction newborn photographer_0032grand junction newborn photographer_0030grand junction newborn photographer_0031grand junction newborn photographer_0029grand junction newborn photographer_0025grand junction newborn photographer_0026grand junction newborn photographer_0027grand junction newborn photographer_0028Good Luck on all you do girlie!



Kale | Palisade High School | Class of 2015

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and the fruit trees are budding!  Spring has officially arrived!  I LOVE this time of year and along with the smell of fresh blossoming wildflowers comes the kick off to the 2015 Senior Portrait season!  First up is Kale, a Senior at Palisade High School and also one of my 2015 Senior Model Reps.  Here is a glimpse into Kale's first mini session of the year.....


If you see Kale around town, wish her luck on her final year of high school and be sure to ask her for a special VIP card!

Coal Ridge High School Cheerleaders | Silt Colorado Photographer

Want to see beauty?  Then meet the Coal Ridge High School Cheerleaders!  I got to spend a short afternoon with these lovely ladies and I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had!  Yes it was way cold out but these girls put on their best smiles and laughed it off.  You won't find a closer group of friends that this team right here!

Kudos to my dear friend Katie Landers Photography for assisting me on such a fun project!

DSC07097-EditDSC07103-EditDSC07107-EditDSC07118-EditDSC07132-EditDSC07133-EditDSC07139-EditDSC07147-EditDSC07155-EditcropDSC07160-EditDSC07167-EditDSC07182-EditcropDSC07185-EditDSC07193-EditDSC07201-EditDSC07210-EditDSC07216-EditDSC07220-EditDSC07227-EditDSC07235-EditDSC07245-EditDSC07251-EditDSC07258-EditDSC07266-EditDSC07280-EditThanks for a great day ladies!  I can't wait to work with most of you in the future!  I wish you all the best!



Mychaela | Senior Portraits | Plateau Valley High School

You want to know why I love high school seniors so much?!  Because of their diverse personalities!  Each one of these beautiful human beings is so unique and I really enjoy every minute that I get to share with them capturing their individuality.  I was so excited when Mychaela reached out and asked me to take her senior portraits.  She had so many neat ideas to bring to the table and I just couldn't wait to get started!  We played with guns, trucks, lipstick, fire trucks and even took a swim in the creek!

 See for yourself.......




Congratulations Mychaela!