Artem + Kaela | Palisade, Colorado Wedding

Every wedding that I am hired for, I always develop a special bond with my brides and usually the groom too.  The wedding for Artem and Kaela was extra special to me because I already knew the bride from when she was just a wee one....(ok, so maybe I'm beginning to reveal my age - yikes!)  You see, Kaela's parents, Steve and Tori Hellman, were my high school volleyball and basketball coaches.  Their 3 children could be found hanging out in the bleachers during practice completing their homework, shagging volleyballs with the jv players, or entertaining PV Cowboys on the long bus rides to away games on the weekends.  Kaela, is since all grown up!  What a beautiful woman she has become and her parents should be oh so proud of her achievements in life, especially her latest journey to marry Artem.  It is evident that these two are a perfect pair and the best of friends!  Their wedding was so incredibly beautiful, elegant and quite sophisticated!  Their details were none like I have seen before and I have been told some of the credit needs to go to Mama Tori!  Nice work! Here is a peek from their perfect day...


special thanks to my assistant, Amy Yokomizo, for all of her wonderful help with this wedding!

Congratulations Artem and Kaela!