Dom + Kara | Grand Junction, CO Wedding

I had waited all summer for Kara & Dom's big day!  I knew what a fun couple they were after having already taken their wet n' wild engagement photos and being total outdoor/water enthusiasts, I anticipated their wedding to be extremely eventful!  They expressed to me that they wanted to go wake boarding in their wedding attire.  Part of me was quietly screaming for joy because every photographer longs for such photo opportunities but the motherly side of me was very worried for their (mainly Kara's) safety.  Wedding dresses are somewhat heavy when they are dry let alone when they are wet.  They both assured me that they would not be in danger and that I underestimated Kara's wake boarding abilities.

So the day arrived and what a sloppy mess!  It had rained all day long and was still raining when I arrived at Kara's house only 2 hours before the ceremony was to begin.  The wedding party was in a panic because there was no cover to shield the guests from the drizzle.  They ran to Kohls and bought every single umbrella in stock.  Luckily the umbrellas were not needed because the skies dried just moments before the lovely couple walked down the isle.  The ceremony was simple and beautiful!



Kara had made this cute little sign as a surprise for her mama.  I'm sure this post is her first glimpse at the keepsake we created for her.  Awwwwww......


Kara's gift to Dom!  Wowzers!  This girl knows the way to a man's heart!


Finally it was time for some wet n' wild wedding day fun!  But it was almost dark!  Ugh, not good for the photographers but Katie and I managed to pull it off!  I admit it was a little tricky getting my camera to grab focus with almost no daylight left.



Congratulations Dominic and Kara!  I had an amazing time at your wedding and I'm so glad you picked me to be a part of it!

Best of luck to you both!



Special thanks to my assistant, Katie Landers Photography!