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Jenna and Shelby:  The Proposal

March 31st, 2013

I copied this straight from their website where you can read their entire story and get details about their wedding at

March 31, 2013 happened to be Easter Sunday.  Shelby and I got up a little earlier than normal so we could go to my sister Nicole's house and watch my nieces and nephew look for Easter eggs.  After wandering the yard for a bit I looked at Shelby from across the yard and noticed he had an Easter basket in his hands.  As I got closer I noticed several colorful plastic eggs in the basket.  He gave me the basket and told me they were mine, and that the Easter bunny brought it for me.  I looked closer at the eggs and noticed they had numbers on them, numbered 1-4.  It was then that I realized what he was doing.  I opened up the first egg and a piece of paper along with a chocolate kiss was inside.  The paper read "Will."  I immediately started shaking and a huge smile was planted on my face.  I proceeded to open the other 3 each one had a chocolate kiss and a slip of paper, the others reading "You", "Marry", "Me".  I looked up from the basket and saw him down on one knee in front of me.  The moment was all too fast but I heard him say "Jenna, will you marry me?"  Of course I said yes and gave him a huge hug and kiss.  I looked around the yard forgetting for a moment that we were still in the middle of our Easter egg hunt and noticed my family clapping and congratulating us.  My mom was snapping pictures and trying her best not to cry.  I was one of the most special moments to date and am so excited to start my life with Shelby.heart




Congratulations Jenna and Shelby!