6 tips to Dress for photo success!

One of the toughest decisions to make when it comes to photo shoots with groups is what to wear for your family photo session and how to coordinate colors and patterns in your wardrobe. Maybe your family was the one that always opted for the same color polos, so veering away seems challenging! It’s actually very simple to get a group coordinated.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you get started.

1. Pick a color palette, not a single color. For example, a blue/orange palette: blues (dark, light) oranges or coral, and some denim look well together in this grouping. Not every family member has to have all of the colors in their outfits, but make sure everyone blends with each other slightly so everything pulls together.

aspen family photographeraspen family photographer

2.  Don’t have too many patterns. One or two in the group is fine, like stripes on a skirt, or something simple like that, but the more patterns, the less put together you look! Too many patterns can also distract from the people.

3.  Try and have similar styles. Either choose a nicer, button-up classy look, or maybe have everyone in a more relaxed t-shirt and jeans style, but try to keep consistent.

4.  If you are still having trouble choosing a color scheme, look around your house at the décor. When you hang the picture of your family on your wall, what are the colors in that room? Choose colors that coordinate with the surroundings / décor around your house.

5.  Pinterest is a great way to get ideas and see how others have coordinated their looks. You can even look up outfit ideas by color.  Check out my what to wear pinterest board here for inspiration!

6.  Mom should ALWAYS plan her outfit first and build the rest of the family's wardrobe around what she has selected.  Remember, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!