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Baby Kaizen | Grand Junction Colorado Newborn Photographer

It's a BOY!

I am pleased to formally introduce you all to little man Kaizen Wesley Field who made his way into this big world on February 12th @ 1:39 pm!  Kaizen weighed in at 8.5 lbs and measured 21 inches long, such a handsome little fella.  Proud parents Chris and Aspen are the perfect loving parents and I was so tickled to have them visit me in the studio.  Kaizen was an absolute angel during his entire portrait session!  I look forward to watching this little guy grow up!


Welcome to the world Kaizen!

Congratulations, Chris and Aspen!



Carson's Birth Story | St. Mary's Hospital | Grand Junction CO

Baby Carson was born on November 5th, 2013.  His birth story is nothing short of a miracle.  His parents, Kahli and Tom, were faced with many obstacles over the past couple of years trying to conceive and at one point or another were even convinced that they may never.  When a couple goes through the trials of trying to conceive then emotions are running especially high come delivery (I know this from personal experience).  Kahli (ok, who am I kidding calling her Kahli.  I know her as Kat!), I mean Kat, made the ultimate decision at literally the 11th hour to have me capture Carson's birth story.  I arrived at the hospital just around 11:30 pm and little Carson arrived shortly after.  Please take a moment to watch his beautiful birth story.  The video here is a shortened version just so we don't bore you.  ha ha!  Also please be advised that the video is for a mature audience and if a little blood makes you woozy then you might want to stick with the disney channel.

Carson's birth story from Carrie Johnson on Vimeo.



Welcome to the world baby Carson!  Congratulations Tom and Kat!



Kahli, Tom and Baby Carson's Maternity Session | Grand Junction Maternity Photographer

This post is a tad overdue considering that baby Carson has already made his appearance but I couldn't pass up sharing these gorgeous images of my dear friend.  Kahli, (aka Kat) is one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have seen in a while and she is absolutely glowing!  Tom and Kat faced many trials and tribulations in their lengthy journey to conceive  but they were able to put their faith in the hands of God and let him lead the way to creating their miracle baby.  Early October is when we took these photos and Carson made his arrival shortly after in early November.  Another blog post will follow soon showcasing his birth Story and newborn session.  For now, please enjoy some beautiful imagery!



Benjamin's Birth Story | St Mary's Hospital | Grand Junction Colorado

Benjamin Gabriel Adams arrived on October 26th, 2013 weighing in at 7 lbs 6.3 oz and 20 inches long.  What a beautiful experience this was for both me and this amazing family.  I have really found a new love and purpose for my photography.  Lavinia (Ben's Mother) and I kept in close contact for the past few weeks knowing that Ben could make his appearance at any given moment.  We had a game plan and she would call me when she was in route to the hospital and then keep me posted as the doctors checked in on her so that I wouldn't have to spend lots of down time waiting around at the hospital.  I got the first call on Friday the 25th around 11 am saying they were at the hospital and induction had commenced.  Lavinia sent me several texts throughout the day and the next phone call I received was around 6 am the next morning.  I was too excited so I jumped out of bed and flew to the hospital.  I snapped away for a good two hours before we decided that things were pretty much at a stand still.  I went on home to wait for the next call which was right about 11:10 saying that Baby's head was sitting right on the cusp and he was itching to make his debut!  Again I rushed to the hospital and not even 30 min later little Ben was born!  Check out his birth story below!  There is a special surprise in the video that I encourage you to watch.




As a mother myself I know what it's like to be completely wiped out and caught up in the moments of child birth that you forget a lot of the emotions.  I am so thrilled to be able to offer Birth Story Photography to families and capture these once in a lifetime experiences.

Congratulations Adams Family on your new baby boy!