Josh + Callie | Engagements | Grand Junction Colorado

Josh and Callie have been acquaintances since their days of high school.  They never really hung out or talked much but shortly after Callie bought a house in Fruita in 2012 they ran into one another at JD's bar.  They were sitting at the bar talking and throwing back drinks when someone overheard what they thought was Josh asking Callie to marry him!  (didn't really happen) but the two of them went along with it and Callie announced to the intoxicated crowd that they had indeed just gotten engaged!  The folks at the bar made her a "ring" out of a pink drinking straw and after their make-believe proposal they were inseparable.

July 20th, 2013

"The Real Proposal"

Josh and Callie had dinner plans with her best friend and her husband and before their meal they took a drive on the monument.  They stopped at a few spots to take pictures and then made their way to Escante Canyon.  Here is where Josh dropped to one knee and popped the question!  There was more to the surprise!  Josh wouldn't let Callie call any of her friends or family and asked her to give it a day or two to sink in.  Well, when they got to her friends house they walked in the door and all of their friends and some family were there to yell Congratulations!  Callie instantly started crying tears of joy!

The last surprise was that Josh had Callie's friend, Wendy, hiding in the bushes during the proposal taking pictures of the engagement.

Way to go Josh!!  Props to you buddy!  You pulled off this proposal flawlessly!

The wedding is set for May 3rd, 2014



Congratulations Josh and Callie!