Engagement Photography

Chantel + Cody | Western Colorado Engagement Photographer

SAVE THE DATE!  Cody and Chantel will be getting hitched October 4th, 2014!

That's about all the details I have for now but I'm sure to bet that this will be a wedding you won't want to miss, if you're invited that is.  I'm disappointed that I won't be able to shoot their special day due to already being booked but I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to work with this cute couple anyhow.  Oh and their smart little red healer, Roxie, who has just as much bubbly personality as her owners!

Congratulations Cody & Chantel!



Keira + Troy | Engagements | Palisade Colorado

Troy and Keira:  The Beginning

Troy and Keira met one evening through mutual friends but it wasn't until a few weeks later when Troy friended Keira on Facebook and a friendship began.  They started hanging out and after a few months things escalated into something much more.  Troy proposed to Keira on may 6th, 2013 which happened to be their 3rd anniversary. He told her that he had something for her to look at in his taxidermy shop and when she entered the shop she saw a bouquet of roses on the counter.  When she got closer she found her ring in the middle of a rose. When she turned around to look at him he popped the question!

The wedding is set for June 7th, 2014!




Congratulations Keira & Troy!



Josh + Callie | Engagements | Grand Junction Colorado

Josh and Callie have been acquaintances since their days of high school.  They never really hung out or talked much but shortly after Callie bought a house in Fruita in 2012 they ran into one another at JD's bar.  They were sitting at the bar talking and throwing back drinks when someone overheard what they thought was Josh asking Callie to marry him!  (didn't really happen) but the two of them went along with it and Callie announced to the intoxicated crowd that they had indeed just gotten engaged!  The folks at the bar made her a "ring" out of a pink drinking straw and after their make-believe proposal they were inseparable.

July 20th, 2013

"The Real Proposal"

Josh and Callie had dinner plans with her best friend and her husband and before their meal they took a drive on the monument.  They stopped at a few spots to take pictures and then made their way to Escante Canyon.  Here is where Josh dropped to one knee and popped the question!  There was more to the surprise!  Josh wouldn't let Callie call any of her friends or family and asked her to give it a day or two to sink in.  Well, when they got to her friends house they walked in the door and all of their friends and some family were there to yell Congratulations!  Callie instantly started crying tears of joy!

The last surprise was that Josh had Callie's friend, Wendy, hiding in the bushes during the proposal taking pictures of the engagement.

Way to go Josh!!  Props to you buddy!  You pulled off this proposal flawlessly!

The wedding is set for May 3rd, 2014



Congratulations Josh and Callie!



Hank + Ashley | Engagements | Grand Junction Colorado

Every couple has a love story, here is Hank and Ashley's!
Hank and Ashley first met at Pork & Hops in 2012 through mutual friends.  They never exchanged phone numbers but were both pleasantly surprised when Hank strolled through the door while Ashley was out for a girls night about a month later. They've been together ever since. The combination of city girl/snowmobiler and country boy/team roper is nothing that either of them could have imagined for themselves but it couldn't have turned out any better!  As the story goes, opposites attract!  Hank proposed to Ashley on Sept. 14th, 2013 at the CPRA Finals.  Hank had been planning the proposal for a few months and had included their local family, friends, 1,000 rodeo fans and the best rodeo clown ever!  The evening was pulled off flawlessly, Ashley never had a clue what was going on around her until he hit his knee.
The wedding is scheduled for 2/22/14 which is a sentimental number to Ashley, as 222 used to be her competitor number when she raced snowmobiles.
I have the wonderful pleasure of capturing the love on their wedding day and spent an afternoon shooting their engagements.  Check them out!
Special thanks to my dear friend Katie from Katie Landers Photography for assisting me and providing me with many laughs during their session!

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Congratulations Hank and Ashley!  I'm looking forward to February 22nd!!




Hunter + Lauren | Engagements | Grand Junction Colorado

A few months back Lauren contacted me to set up a fall couples session for her and her boyfriend, Hunter.  We discussed details and scheduled the date.  A few weeks after I get an email from Hunter explaining that he was planning to propose to Lauren during our photo session.  I was so excited!  I asked Hunter if he had a plan in mind and he told me no, that he planned to do it when it felt right.  I warned him to just give me some sort of a sign so that I was paying close attention.  I certainly didn't want to miss this!  Things couldn't haven't turned out more perfect!



It was right before the next photo that Hunter proposed to Lauren on this very bridge!  Rather than capture a bunch of photos that could easily be recreated, I decided to give them a better gift.  I captured the entire proposal on video!  They had no idea until I told them, I'm really sneaky like that.  Now they have a much more valuable keepsake that they can share with family and friends.




Congratulations Hunter and Lauren!  I am so very happy for you and I can't wait until the wedding!



Dominic + Kara | Grand Junction, Colorado

Meet Dominic and Kara...

In just a little over two weeks this adorable couple will be getting married!  I am so excited for their wedding and for the amazing photos we have planned for the day!  The first time we attempted their engagement photos Mother Nature was not so cooperative so we postponed for a later date.  It was so worth the wait!  These two are such a fun pair and they had no objections to any of my suggestions (as you can see from their soaking attire)!



Yay!  I'm looking forward to July 27th!  It is going to be one for the books!  Congrats Dominic and Kara!!